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Kent Armstrong

Alexander Korff

In this class, Kent will speak on biostimulation and how additives can be designed to enhance the ecology within native microbial communities without harming them. Alex will speak to the advances in engineered zero valent iron and the performance quantification tools for remedial applications.

Kent Armstrong is the President of TerraStryke LLC and has over 35 years’ experience in the environmental industry. His responsibilities over those three decades have included wastewater treatment plant chemist/operator, college Human Anatomy instructor, to the design, implementation and oversight of private-government sponsored remediation projects. He started TerraStryke in 2008 to provide biostimulation additives designed to leverage existing site conditions and native microbial populations to realize safe, low-impact, cost-effective, destruction of soil and groundwater contaminants.

Alex Korff is a Technical Sales Manager with Höganäs Environment Solutions, LLC (HES) with a background in environmental treatment systems. He holds a B.S. and M.S in Environmental Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology. His focus at HES is on iron media product and process applications, as well as, compound specific treatability. Alex has helped to develop the ever-expanding HES soil remediation product portfolio and has worked to optimize water treatment systems. Before starting with HES, Alex spent several years as an engineer and researcher at the EPA facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He is the co-author on multiple EPA reports, sampling methods, and remediation investigations.

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