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Preparing for an Injection

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Eric Lundy

John Fontana

Injection flow rates and related pressures are a critical component for distribution of in-situ technologies to achieve contact with a range of contaminants. At the same time, we’re relying less on advective distribution – especially for sites with less velocities – and more on higher injection volumes. Lower injection rates and higher volumes means higher remediation costs and more injection points. Do I use direct push or injection wells and how do I optimize the injection performance?

On this webinar you will learn about what it takes to prepare for an injection so that you’re saving your client money. John Fontana is the President of VistaGeoScience and he has over 30 years of experience with multiple rigs and a number of different in-situ technologies. Eric Lundy is the Sr. Field Application Leader for DeepEarth Technologies and his company has injected their patented technology Cool-Ox® in almost every state in the US.

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