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Remediation in Fractured Bedrock

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Dora Taggart

John Fontana

The treatment of contamination in fractured bedrock is challenging due to the complex fracture flow field, uncertainties associated with contaminant distribution among fractures, microfractures, and the rock matrix, and ultimately the difficulties with understanding these complexities as they relate to remedial impacts on both short and long-term groundwater quality. The costs associated with drilling, testing, and monitoring of these fractured bedrock projects are also an issue for site management.

The speakers on this EnviroClass have worked on hundreds of fractured bedrock sites.  Dora Taggart is the President of Microbial Insights and her company has become the world leaders for molecular biological tools.  John Fontana, President of Vista GeoScience, has over 30 years of experience in the field and he has worked fractured bedrock in a number of different states across the US.

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