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Adjusting pH to Immobilize Metals and Improve Bioremediation Performance

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Dora Taggart

Robert Borden, Ph.D.

Soil contamination from potentially toxic elements has contributed to environmental harm all across the country. In this class, Dora and Bob will discuss soil amendments that will immobilize metals through cost-effective remediation techniques that fulfill green and sustainable remediation principles.

Dora Taggart is the President of Microbial Insights, Inc. She holds a Biomedical Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and has focused on the optimization and implementation of molecular tools for environmental remediation, microbiologically influenced corrosion and microbial source tracking. Dora has become a global ambassador for the environmental restoration industry, regularly presenting as an invited/keynote speaker at environmental and corrosion conferences, leading hundreds of technical workshops worldwide, and co-authoring guidance documents with advisory groups like the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) and Environmental Remediation Wiki (Remediapedia) to support appropriate use and interpretation of molecular tools.

Dr. Robert “Bob” Borden is the Principal Engineer at EOS Remediation, LLC and Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University. He has over thirty years’ experience in the development and implementation of technologies for in situ remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Bob has developed technologies for in situ bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, explosives and propellants, and 1,4-dioxane. With his students, he developed the use of emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) as a slow-release, sustainable technology for in situ bioremediation.

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