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Particles in the News: Particle Sizing in Wet Stacks, Particulate Improvements in the Lab, Particles in Dry Sorbents

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Jim Guenthoer

Mike Atwell

Being able to accurately measure particle size in wet stacks is challenging, much less having to use dry sorbents in order to provide emission control of the particles in question. In this class, you will be introduced to technologies and methods that will allow to accurately assess and measure particles in wet stacks while also providing efficient and cost-effective means to deal with them.

Jim Guenthoer is the Senior Environmental Engineer with CleanAir Engineering. Jim has over 40 years of experience in the field of air emissions testing and consulting. He is considered a Subject Matter Expert in the field of particle size distribution using in-situ cascade impactors. He is a Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI), Groups I-IV and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington.

Michael Tuegel is a Senior Chemist with CleanAir Engineering. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of air emissions laboratory analysis. Mike also serves as the quality leader for the laboratory team overseeing Clean Air’s laboratory facility’s regulatory compliance to the NELAP standard.

Mike Atwell is the Market Development Manager for the SOLVAir Solutions group of Solvay Chemicals. Mike has been involved in developing chemical applications for Solvay for 30 years, and for the last 10 years he has been focused on dry sorbent injection applications for trona and sodium bicarbonate. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Institute of Clean Air Companies.

Cornelia Cretiu is the Technical Development Engineer for Solvay Chemicals. She holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

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