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Constructing Unprecedented CCR Projects during Unprecedented Times

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Kevin Harshberger
Kevin Harshberger

The post-COVID age has presented significant challenges to companies as they have tried to maintain Continuing Certification Requirements necessary to their given fields. Being socially distant and safe while also being practical and instructive is a fine line to have to balance. In this session, you will learn all sorts of practical information and tips for all aspects of CCR from traveling to hands-on training to arranging a safe meeting space.
Kevin Harshberger is the Vice President of R.B. Jergens Contractors. Kevin’s wide range of environmental experience has carried him from working with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to being a project manager at Waste Management, Inc. to his current role. He has directly managed more than 100 environmental construction projects for R. B. Jergens Contractors, Inc. ranging from wet ash pond closures to the development of new (greenfield) landfill sites.

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