Air Monitoring - Part 1

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Recently promulgated revisions to existing regulations have incorporated the flare monitoring requirements used by the refining sector and codified at 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart CC: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) from Petroleum Refineries (MACT CC).  The revised regulations include the Maximum Achievable Control Technology Standards (MACT) for Ethylene Production (EMACT), MACT for Organic Liquid Distribution (OLD MACT) as well as the Miscellaneous Organic NESHAP (MON).
These rules require an increase in the use of continuous parametric monitoring systems (CPMS) on flares and an increased reliance on the management of the measured CPMS data for purposes of proper flare operation and ultimate compliance demonstration.  This webinar will explore the new flare monitoring requirements and data management challenges experienced during the implementation of MACT CC in the refining sector.  Specifically, considerations concerning:
  • What is required to be measured on flares?
  • How is the flare CPMS data quality assured (i.e., distinguishing between good vs. bad data)?
  • How is the measured flare CPMS data validated, calculated, and averaged?
  • What does the measured flare CPMS data indicate about flare operation?
  • What notification, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements are required for measured flare CPMS?



Eric Swisher & Brian Fowler
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Eric Swisher is a Technical Director with over 20 years of air quality consulting experience. He possesses a unique combination of skills that link various aspects of air quality management.  Eric has worked in the emissions testing field, encompassing broad experience with CEM systems, and is also well versed in the regulatory basis for testing and monitoring. This experience allows him to bridge the gap between a source’s permitting requirements and the day-to-day execution of the compliance monitoring and testing programs.
Contact: [email protected] // (610) 422–1117
Brian Fowler currently serves on the Senior Leadership Team as Director of Operations. Brian has been with ESC Spectrum for ten years, and during his tenure, has held a number of different positions. He shifted his focus from software implementation in 2015 when he was promoted to Director of Engineering and Marketing, where he oversaw all engineering operations and managed the promotional activities of the company.  In his Operations role, he oversees the Sales Support, Project Engineering, and Customer Service, Tier 3, and Controller Production departments. Before joining ESC Spectrum, Brian’s experience included software engineering, speaker design engineering, project management, and electrical engineering. Brian graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2001 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A. in 2011.  
Contact: [email protected] //  (512) 250–7852