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Rosa Gwinn

Patrick McKeown

Rosa Gwinn

Global PFAS Technical Lead at AECOM


Dr. Gwinn has provided technical and project management expertise to private and government clients for over 30 years. Her primary focus has been on the characterization and remediation of emerging environmental contaminants including PFAS, chlorinated solvents, explosives, and metals. She has executed and managed multi-million dollar task orders for PFAS, military munitions response, operational range assessments under each phase of CERCLA.

Dr. Gwinn leads AECOM’s global PFAS technical practice, focusing on measuring and mitigating PFAS. Additionally, she directs the Regional PFAS Leads and Technology Leads in developing internal resources and sharing those with our wide range of public and private-sector clients. AECOM developed a first-of-its-kind PFAS sampling training, and continues to update it with best practices; we now have over 1200 certified PFAS samplers, AECOM’s Global PFAS team is developing leading-edge destructive treatment technology for PFAS known as DE-FLUORO™.