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Rutger van Goethem

Rutger van Goethem is international Account Manager at Royal Eijkelkamp and Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill with ten years of experience. He studied Built Environment at the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (Netherlands). For his role he advises remediation and environmental survey companies around the globe. Efficiency and reliability are important milestones anchored in both his and the company’s DNA. Royal Eijkelkamp is THE One Stop Shop for products as well as full solutions on first stage investigation, scanning, source tracking, emergency encapsulation of contamination, long term water monitoring, and remediation injection and installation techniques.

As the fourth generation in the family company (as of 1911) he travels the world and gets to know different stages of development in the remediation and environmental market throughout all continents. His wide knowledge on all the processes as well as the innovative way of thinking helps clients to stay in time and in budget. Some of the technologies Royal Eijkelkamp can offer are Sonic drilling, environmental CPT solutions, water monitoring on quality and quantity, remedial installation methods, monitoring wells, soil sealing and remedial injection methods.