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Bill Lundy Sr

Bill Lundy Sr.

Senior Vice President,
DeepEarth Technologies
(708) 396–0100

Mr. Lundy is a native of Northern Minnesota where he attended Bemidji State University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. After completing graduate work, Lundy was employed by Shell Chemical Company specializing in the new applications of their products including epoxy resins, polymer derivatives, surfactants and hydrogen peroxide. At Shell, Lundy authored patents teaching the use of hydrogen peroxide to eliminate hydrogen sulfide, a contaminant found natural gas and oil, as well as sewage and potable water. He was also instrumental in the development of a group of specialty biodegradable surfactants (Neodols®) that were soluble in both oil and water. These products became key components in tertiary recovery of crude oil and deep well drilling. Lundy was instrumental in the design and construction of a mass-burn solid waste/wood waste incinerator serving seven rural counties in Northern Minnesota. Lundy is currently a principal of DeepEarth Technologies, Inc., and he was most recently awarded patents teaching the controlled oxidation of fuel hydrocarbon contaminants utilizing hydrogen peroxide derived in-situ from the hydrolysis of solid peroxygens, the emulsification of coal tar and heavy crude oils and the abiotic dehalogenation of organohalides.