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European Virtual Workshop


Times: 12:00pm-15:10pm CET (Central European Time) Order of Events: 12:00 – Bioremediation of recalcitrant compounds – Robert Wagenveld, QM Environmental International 12:45 – High-Resolution Site Characterization — The Key to Successful Remediation – John Sohl, Columbia Technologies 13:30 – BREAK 13:40 – Thermal Soil Remediation - a key player in restoring source zones. A guided […]

PFAS Treatment: Sampling and Analysis

This two-part presentation will first provide technical PFAS analysis through active remediation and destruction pilot studies in Colorado and overviewing enhanced sampling technologies. Following this up will be an overview and practical application of using nested horizontal wells, namely VertebraeTM Well Systems (VWS), to gather data and explore previously inaccessible areas. This assessment method is […]

PFAS Analytical Update & Landfills

This two-part presentation will first provide a brief overview of topical PFAS related developments of interest to the environmental community with a focus on PFAS analytical methodologies. This procedural review will include suggestions as to how to assure that the analyses you conduct are most representative of your specific application. The regulatory considerations involved in […]