Virtual Training that Keeps You Informed of the Latest Environmental Technologies

PART 2 – Mythbusters: Myths and Misconceptions

Myths are not just limited to the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the Boogeyman – they are alive and well in the environmental industry as well. In this class, we will dive head first into the myths and misconceptions that pervade the industry today. Some of the misconceptions that the speakers will deal with include: […]


Anaerobic Degradation 101

This class is your primer to all things to do with anaerobic degradation. Biodegradation studies with emerging organic contaminants (EOCs), such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products, have mainly focused on aerobic conditions until recently. This class will allow you to see what anaerobic degradation is and how it offers great promise for the future. […]


Community Air Quality Surrounding Utility, Manufacturing and Commercial Operations

Coal ash is stored in open-air impoundments which is often located in close proximity to populated areas. Several components of coal ash, such as heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic, may be associated with health problems in the surrounding communities. This class will allow you to get a grasp of what those problems can […]