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PFAS Analytical Update & Landfills

This two-part presentation will first provide a brief overview of topical PFAS related developments of interest to the environmental community with a focus on PFAS analytical methodologies. This procedural review will include suggestions as to how to assure that the analyses you conduct are most representative of your specific application. The regulatory considerations involved in […]


Perimeter Air Monitoring

Neighborhood Airborne chemicals and dust is a big issue for many sites, sources include manufacturing facilities, remediation, and construction sites. Offsite emissions pose both nuisance and health risk exposures dependent on the site type and levels involved. Regulation and guidance for these exposures may be local ordnance, workplace regulations, State or EPA, guidance or rules […]


GeoTAP Method: Accessing Challenging Unconsolidated Injection Intervals

Roto-sonic ("sonic") drilling is a unique method that allows environmental practitioners access to geologic formations and depths not previously achievable, and at advancement rates that outpace traditional drilling. Sonic drilling provides flexible and unique sample collection, mitigates down-hole contamination, and generates less investigative derived waste (IDW) than older drilling methods. When direct push technologies (DPT) […]