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Site Conceptual Models

To be able to move forward with any sort of site clean up, you need a clear understanding of what your problem is at hand so that you can find effective solutions. This class will allow you to see models that exist to provide you robust information to help you remediate your site in a […]


Remediation Geology and Geophysics: Connecting the Dots

Understanding both geology and geophysics is paramount to both optimizing environmental site characterization and remediation. This class will provide you a robust glimpse into the science of geology and geophysics as well as two leading technologies in the space: Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy and Electrical Resistance Tomography.Rick Cramer is the CA Remediation Department Manager at Burns […]


Canada: Advances in Treatment and Sorption Technologies for PFAS & Other Contaminants

Environmental technology and its evolution is at the pace where the technology of today is almost outdated by tomorrow. Products, methods and technologies are developing at a meteoric pace to meet the environmental needs of today. This class will cover a range of technology from unmanned aerial photogrammetry to technology used for the remediation and […]