Virtual Training that Keeps You Informed of the Latest Environmental Technologies

Comprehensive CVOC Plume Treatment

Developing effective and stable catalysts for the degradation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) is currently a hot topic in the environmental world. In this class, you will learn about CAT 100 as an effective and cost-efficient solution for your biodegradation needs. You will be introduced to the strategy of bioaugmentation which can produce a […]


Alternative High Resolution Site Characterization

Getting the right information is key to finding the correct process as well as the best solution when it comes to remedial design. There are a number of options on the market with respect to high resolution site characterization and this class will introduce you to some of the ones that you may not know […]

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Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remedial Technology Evaluation

Currently, there are a number of options on the market when it comes to petroleum hydrocarbon remediation. Selecting the right technology involves sorting through what the most effective technology is in your given situation while also taking into account what would be the most cost-effective option. In this class you will get a full breakdown […]

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GeoTAP Method: Accessing Challenging Unconsolidated Injection Intervals

Roto-sonic ("sonic") drilling is a unique method that allows environmental practitioners access to geologic formations and depths not previously achievable, and at advancement rates that outpace traditional drilling. Sonic drilling provides flexible and unique sample collection, mitigates down-hole contamination, and generates less investigative derived waste (IDW) than older drilling methods. When direct push technologies (DPT) […]

Perimeter Air Monitoring

Neighborhood Airborne chemicals and dust is a big issue for many sites, sources include manufacturing facilities, remediation, and construction sites. Offsite emissions pose both nuisance and health risk exposures dependent on the site type and levels involved. Regulation and guidance for these exposures may be local ordnance, workplace regulations, State or EPA, guidance or rules […]


PFAS Analytical Update & Landfills

This two-part presentation will first provide a brief overview of topical PFAS related developments of interest to the environmental community with a focus on PFAS analytical methodologies. This procedural review will include suggestions as to how to assure that the analyses you conduct are most representative of your specific application. The regulatory considerations involved in […]


PFAS Treatment: Sampling and Analysis

This two-part presentation will first provide technical PFAS analysis through active remediation and destruction pilot studies in Colorado and overviewing enhanced sampling technologies. Following this up will be an overview and practical application of using nested horizontal wells, namely VertebraeTM Well Systems (VWS), to gather data and explore previously inaccessible areas. This assessment method is […]

European Virtual Workshop


Times: 12:00pm-15:10pm CET (Central European Time) Order of Events: 12:00 – Bioremediation of recalcitrant compounds – Robert Wagenveld, QM Environmental International 12:45 – High-Resolution Site Characterization — The Key to Successful Remediation – John Sohl, Columbia Technologies 13:30 – BREAK 13:40 – Thermal Soil Remediation - a key player in restoring source zones. A guided […]

PFAS: The Road Ahead

Given the vast array of consumer products that contain PFAS, it is undeniable that it is - and will be - a part of our regular environmental attention. This class will peer into the current and emerging technologies that are available for PFAS remediation that are both effective and cost efficient. PFAS does not have […]


European Virtual Workshop

This is your one-stop virtual workshop for coming to know the emerging technologies and methods in the environmental world with regards to bioremediation and site characterization. On top of that, you will be introduced to a wide array of techniques and tools that will provide you with extremely accurate data for a given site’s needs. […]


Canada: Advances in Treatment and Sorption Technologies for PFAS & Other Contaminants

Environmental technology and its evolution is at the pace where the technology of today is almost outdated by tomorrow. Products, methods and technologies are developing at a meteoric pace to meet the environmental needs of today. This class will cover a range of technology from unmanned aerial photogrammetry to technology used for the remediation and […]


Remediation Geology and Geophysics: Connecting the Dots

Understanding both geology and geophysics is paramount to both optimizing environmental site characterization and remediation. This class will provide you a robust glimpse into the science of geology and geophysics as well as two leading technologies in the space: Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy and Electrical Resistance Tomography.Rick Cramer is the CA Remediation Department Manager at Burns […]