In Situ Remediation of Low Permeability Media (Clay & Fractured Rock)

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The remediation of sites with either clay or fractured bedrock are two of the greatest challenges that we face in the environmental industry today. It is incredibly difficult to find the source zone to begin treatment and then comes the task of selecting a technology that can address the variability in soil, bedrock fractures or groundwater flow that a contaminated site can pose. In this class, Lowell Kessel and Gord Guest will lay out the options available in the industry that will allow you to characterize and to remediate your site in a cost and time effective manner.
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Kent Sorenson, Jr., Ph.D, CTO, Allonnia
Lowell Kessel, P.G., President, CERES Remediation Products
Gord Guest, President, Geo Tactical Remediation Ltd.


Kent is an internationally recognized expert with over 25 years of experience, developing and applying innovative remediation technologies for water, soil, and sediments in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has worked at nearly 200 sites worldwide, and has co-authored over 40 scientific publications and given over 180 presentations at prestigious national and international conferences and symposia.
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Mr. Kessel is President of CERES Remediation Products, an international chemical manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and reagents for soil and groundwater remediation as well as industrial and mining waste, residues and tailings. Mr. Kessel is a geochemical specialist in remediation technologies with work experience at multinational environmental engineering consulting firms and many environmental technology developers since 1998. Mr. Kessel has supported many projects as a technical lead in characterization and or remediation design overseen by state and federal agencies in the United States, Australia, Brazil, including other countries in South and Central America, and China. Additionally, Mr. Kessel provides expert services for governmental environmental departments and agencies and to private industry. Mr. Kessel is a registered professional Geologist in the U.S. and holds a Bachelors and Masters in Geological Sciences and a Master of Business Administration, each from the University of California.
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Gord is the Principal at Geo Tactical Remediation Ltd. based in Calgary, Alberta and is responsible for senior review and the design and support for in situ remediation projects. Gord has more than 30 years of experience in the environmental remediation industry specializing in fracture and permeation injection. He specializes in in-situ remediation design, project management, designing injection equipment, downhole injection tooling, and the field application of various injection technologies. Gord has experience with Phase I & II environmental investigations and geo-mechanical testing. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Calgary, Alberta and is a registered Professional Geologist in Alberta.
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