Corporate Memberships


Why does your company need an EnviroClass Corporate Membership? 


Because employee training is invaluable for future growth!

  • Companies that invest in training have a 24% higher profit margin.
  • Learning & training at a workplace are important to 87% of millenials. 
  • Employee retention rate grows by 30-50% at companies with a potent training program. 
  • Ineffective training costs companies $13.5 million per 1,000 employees annually.
  • 94% of employees would stick with an organization longer if it invested in their training. 
  • 70% of surveyed workers would be tempted to leave their current workplace for a company that invests in employee development.  - Data provided by TeamStage

There is no other online environmental PDH training available to support your company the way EnviroClass is committed to doing for you!

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