About Us


Travis Bowman

Travis believes that we can work together to solve the environmental challenges that we face around the globe. Since 2013, his company, EnviroWorkshops, has trained over 25,000 environmental professionals in 20 countries and on 6 continents through in-person training events. There are many different ways to learn in today’s modern age of technology, and in 2020, he launched the virtual training platform, EnviroClass, to continue keeping you informed of the latest environmental technologies in the industry. 

Meet the other team members of EnviroClass & EnviroWorkshops.

Meet our Board Members

The EnviroClass board selects the topics & speakers for each live webinar. 

Dora Taggart

Microbial Insights

Doug Gray


James Henderson


Dr. Rafic Minkara

NXT Innovations

Dick Raymond


Meet our Speakers

The speakers that are chosen are a balance between vendors & environmental agencies, such as state regulators or individuals within the EPA. 


Coming Soon

Interested in In-person training events? 


Check out our in person training events at EnviroWorkshops. EnviroWorkshops is the parent company of EnviroClass.