Virtual Training that Keeps You Informed of the Latest Environmental Technologies


President and Founder, Travis Bowman, believes that we can work together to solve the environmental challenges that we face around the globe.  Since 2013, his company has trained over 20,000 environmental professionals in 20 countries and on 6 continents.  There are many different ways to learn in today’s modern age of technology, and we are using several of them so that we can “keep you informed of the latest environmental technologies in the industry”.  Below are the brand names that Travis has launched to help us learn from each other:

  1. EnviroWorkshops: half-day technical training from city to city around the globe.
  2. EnviroSummit: multi-day global conference in Charlotte, NC from April 4-7, 2022.
  3. EnviroTalk: podcast show with leaders in the industry discussing some of the latest challenges.
  4. EnviroClass: weekly webinars with varying topics from the environmental industry

COVID-19 brought changes to how everyone in the world learns, and Travis quickly pivoted his business to launch EnviroClass which allowed us to educate over 4,000 environmental professionals in 2020.  After every live webinar, you will be emailed a 2.0 PDH certificate for your continuing education. We submit our classes to engineering boards all across the US and we’ve been approved in 47 US states.

Our Team

Travis Bowman

Executive Director

Elle Arters

Graphic Designer

Stephanie Gren

Operations Manager

Richard Cartwright

Strategic Marketing Specialist, Cartwright Technology Partners

Faith Woodard

EnviroClass Manager

Derrik Sandburg

West Coast Representative
President, Sandberg Consultants

Jamie Schmid

Continuing Education Coordinator

Our Board

Dora Taggart

President, Microbial Insights

Ted Witteman

Director of Strategic Accounts,
Pine Environmental

Alex Korff

Technical Sales Manager,
Höganäs Environment Solutions


 We partner with dozens of environmental associations across the globe and below are just a few of them that we regularly work with: