Vapor Intrusion Mitigation for New Construction Using Reliable Laboratory Data

2.0 PDHs 

Vapor intrusion poses a significant potential to expose people to harmful compounds and this is no different in new construction than in existing structures. As VI has grown in publicity over the past 20 years, the scientific understanding of VI has also grown exponentially. In this class we will learn about the key elements of VI site characterization, the challenges to gathering and interpreting data and also the innovative tools that can be used in overcoming these challenges.



Will Elcoate & Doug Brookes
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Will Elcoate (L-Coate), National Air Account Manager for Alpha Analytical, has over 30 years of experience in the environmental laboratory industry with experience in every aspect of laboratory operations and meeting client and regulator expectations. With a background in laboratory operations, and experience in project managing large EPA & Federal programs, understanding the need to balance programmatic compliance, data usability and cost for the past 9 years he has been focused on air, vapor and soil gas testing with the increased attention on indoor air quality for vapor intrusion and ambient air emissions.
Contact: [email protected] //  508-330-3753
Doug is Clean Vapor's Architect with more than 20 years of experience and a very diverse background in residential, commercial, retail, and government projects.
He has personally managed a design-build construction company, and his outstanding attention to detail leaves no assumption intact in analyzing a scenario. For the last ten years, Doug has specialized in VIMS design, with a significant focus on new construction projects. In working with developers and remediation firms, large and small, Doug's work has taken him all over the country. His knowledge of soil variability, guidance standards, and best construction practices informs his decisions in creating efficient and reliable systems for all new vapor intrusion mitigation projects.
If you require a robust mitigation system that utilizes the best current applied mitigation technology, contact Doug Brookes at Clean Vapor with a long-term view of regulatory compliance.
Contact: [email protected] //  908-362-5616