VI - Monitoring & Mitigation

2.0 PDHs 

Vapor intrusion is the migration of vapor-forming chemicals from any subsurface source into a office, home, or industrial building. It all started in the 1980s with concerns over radon intrusion. During the 90s, environmental professionals began to understand that hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents in soil, groundwater, and sewers and drainlines could also pose threats to indoor air quality via the vapor intrusion pathway. This EnviroClass will help you understand several of the monitoring and mitigation technologies in the industry.
Harry will begin this class by laying out the use of advanced sorbent samplers and how you can collect time-integrated samples as part of an effective site characterization or vapor intrusion investigation strategy. Page will finish this class by laying out ways that you can protect the first side of your building – the under-slab side.



Harry O’Neill & Page Cotton 
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Harry O’Neill is the President of BEACON, which is an internationally recognized laboratory, and has managed soil gas and vapor intrusion investigations for more than twenty-five years, providing U.S. EPA approved methods throughout the United States, as well as internationally across six continents. Under his direction, BEACON has achieved ISO/IEC 17025, U.S. DoD ELAP, and NELAP accreditation for the analysis of air and soil gas samples to target VOCs and SVOCs using sorbent samplers. Mr. O’Neill has been on the forefront of the acceptance of passive sampling technologies at the national and international level, working with regulators, as well as multiple universities on research projects, and has managed the implementation of thousands of soil gas and air sampling surveys. He is a member of AWMA, ITRC, NICOLE Brasil, and ASTM; is the lead author of ASTM Standard D7758: Standard Practice for Passive Soil Gas Sampling in the Vadose Zone; and has published and presented findings throughout the United States, as well as internationally as an invited speaker.
Contact: [email protected] //  (410) 838–8780
Page Cotton is the National Product Manager for Stego Industries’ newest barrier technology – Drago.  He has over 13 years of experience consulting with design professionals on the applicability and proper specification of Stego products, identifying and executing sales opportunities, managing Stego’s distribution network, and assisting contractors on the proper installation of Stego products.
Contact: [email protected] //  (949) 257-4100