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(39) Remediation

Course Titles

Chromium & Groundwater
Emerging Contaminants - Part 1
Emerging Contaminants - Part 2
Preparing for an Injection
Hydrocarbons - All You Need to Know
Actionable Data
New Remediation Tools & Technologies
Advanced InSitu Technologies
Cutting Edge InSitu Technologies
Site Investigation Tools & Technologies
Microbes & Field Equipment
Finding the Contaminants the Right Way While Destroying them Holistically
1,4-Dioxane Analysis: Modern Techniques for Actionable Data
Challenging Bioremediation Sites
In Situ Remediation of Low Permeability Media (Clay & Fractured Rock) by Optimizing Permeability Enhancement Methods -- Includes updates from ESTCP Project ER-201430 


Fractured Bedrock Challenges - Part 1: Characterization & Access
Fractured Bedrock Challenges - Part 2: Injection & Reagent Options
Mitigating Co-Contaminated Plumes
The 411 on Abiotic & Biotic InSitu Remediation
How High Resolution Data Supports Your Targeted Remedial Design
Remediation Tools that Save Money
Full LIfe Cycle of Remediation Sites
Predicting the Future of PFAS
New Tools for Low Concentration Plumes
Optimized InSitu Injection Strategies
Unbiased Data and Interpretation
Advanced Scientific Solutions
NAPL Degredation 101
PFAS CleanUp-2024 Laboratory Challenges


Remediation in Fractured Bedrock
Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA)
Best Practices for Field Screening & Sample Collection
A Remediation Story - Site Evaluation, Technology Selection, Remedy Design, Implementation & Results
Effective Cool-Ox Remediation & Analytical Support for Commingeled Plumes
UAV & Site Characterization
PFAS - What you need to know!
The ISCO & ISCR 411
Technologies for the 21st Century
Keys to a Competitive Advantage
Adjusting pH to Immobilize Metals & Improve Bioremediation Performance
Chlorinated Solvents: All You Need to Know


(6) Vapor Intrusion 

Course Titles

Selecting the Right VI Equipment
VI Installation Methods
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation for New Construction Using Reliable Laboratory Data
VI - Monitoring & Mitigation
VI - Investigation & Risk Assessment
VI - The Laboratory Analysis


(3) Air Quality

Course Titles

Air Monitoring - Part 1
Air Monitoring - Part 2 
Particles in the News: Particle Sizing in Wet Stacks, Particulate Improvements in the Lab, Particles in Dry Sorbents


(3) Wastewater 

Course Titles

How to Treat Challenging Wastewater Streams
Wastewater Treatment Processes
COVID-19 Wastewater Testing


(4) International 

Course Titles

Canadian InSitu Workshop - Part 1
Canadian InSitu Workshop - Part 2
Canadian InSitu Workshop - Part 3
Canadian InSitu Workshop - Part 4


(45) EnviroSummit

Course Titles

The Latest CHMM Techniques that Prepare you for Tomorrow
Hazmat & Dangerous Goods Transportation Challenges in 4 Areas of Key International Standards
Utilizing Molecular Biological Tools to Address Nitrogen Transformation in Wastewater Treatment
Cutting Edge Technologies for PFAS Removal from Groundwater and Leachate
Test of ZVi based Water Treatment System for Removal of Complex Selenium in Groundwater
Common and Unique Field Tools for Wastewater Monitoring
Optimizing Cost and Performance for NOx Reduction
Thermal Remediation Solutions - Technologies, Applications, & Design Considerations
Treating PFOS and PFOA at an Airport
Treatment of coal Combustion Residual Liquids for Heavy Metals Using Surface Modified Engineered Iron Media
Coal Ash Changes in the Utility Industry
The Sustainability of Fly Ash for Concrete Construction
NC Coal Ash Regulatory Update
High Concentration of PFAS Treatment
Emerging Contaminants Monitoring and Sampling for PFAs


Lighten Your Budget without Compromising Compliance
Horizontal Directional Drilling for Non-Traditional Applications
In-Situ Injection Biobarrier of a PCE & TCE Contaminated DOD Site
How Does the CHMM Prepare you for Today’s Remediation Challenge
“Are Your Private Credential Certifications an Important Component of Regulatory Compliance” - Panel Discussion
Covid and Environmental Compliance - Lessons Learned so Far & Looking Ahead
Constructing Unprecedented CCR Projects during Unprecedented Times
Preventing Facility Shut Down with Covid-19 Contact Tracing
Getting Back to the Office Safely in a Covid-19 World
Promoting Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Ethenes in Groundwater via Biostimulation
InSitu and ExSitu Remedy for PFAS Contaminated Groundwater and Drinking Water
Remediation of a Trichlorofluoromethane Groundwater Plume Using PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon
Understanding the Building Materials' Contribution to Indoor Air Quality
InSitu Geochemical Stabilization (ISGS) of DNAPL


Crossroads: Innovative Technologies for Site Assessment
Three Technology Advancements in Vapor Mitigation
Vapor Intrusion - Review of the Evolution of VI Assessment and Expected Future Trends
Legal Developments in Vapor Intrusion
Subjective Standards and the Long-term Liability of Vapor Intrusion
HVAC Systems for VI Mitigation: Performance and Reliability Considerations
Advanced Passive Sorbent Samplers
Preparing for the EnviroSummit & Public Schools
InSitu Particle Size Distribution Testing Using Cascade Impactors
Mitigating Multiple Pollutants and Reducing Plant Costs
Mercury Removal Technologies for Flue Gas
The Challenges of working in a Wet Ash Pond
Telemetry Solutions for Community-Perimeter Air Monitoring
Safe and Effective Coal Ash Basin Closure and Remediation in the Covid-19 Compliance Era
Treating PFAS with Containerized Water Treatment Systems at a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base
Air Monitoring Made Easy